Friday, 7 October 2011

shoes, shoes and more shoes

i've had to try and put this shoe craze in to perspective! i'm literally obsessed!
i can only put this down to the fact that i've hurt my foot and have been on crutches for a week now and my foot is fed up of being deprived of beautiful shoes

this is what i have recently purchased [woops]

okay so i treated myself to these topshop beauties in the end - i caved, i know, i'm weak:

then my lovely mother purchased these for me in the nine west sale:

the next day i fractured my foot, so i couldn't even wear them when we had that week of glorious sunshine. this is when the trouble began and i purchased these for graduation:

however, they were the last pair in stock and were of an unsellable condition so they cancelled my order - boo - so i purchased these in the next size up on the off chance that they would fit:

they didn't.
so i'm giving them to my sister instead as she has big feet ha. now, i'm still searching for a pair of shoes for graduation that will go with my gorgeous purple whistles dress, and found these beauties in the aldo sale:

i am eagerly awaiting their arrival, and then it gets worse, i find a lovely pair of shoes for my other half and somehow a pair of clogs fall in to my virtual 'basket' and with a few clicks i have purchased these too [both from aldo]:

and i am currently eye-ing up a pair of heeled loafers that are super super cheap - the only way i can condone buying them - but i know i really, probably, definitely shouldn't...

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