Wednesday, 15 February 2012

beauty bits

my beauty regime currently consists of cleansing and scrubbing in the morning, moisturising,
BB creaming and that is pretty much it.
if i can manage to prize my eyeballs open at 6:30am i may slap on some mascara but that is really pushing it. 

in a bid to make a bit more of an effort i looked to my ever trusty Elle mag.
which this month featured a subscribers offer of 20% off online beauty shop zuneta.

so i dipped my toes in the pool of beatification and i purchased a Korres mandarin lip butter stick in rose and got some free testers too...lets not get too eager now.

i loved it so much i just had to buy the Korres lip butter in quince (and ordered more free testers too)

then i read this beauty product review on Elle online, reviewing beauty boxes! now there is an idea. tailor made boxes to suit your skin type and colourings from as little as £5 a box. sold!

latest in beauty offer themed boxes so you can try products you wouldn't normally risk buying full size (and price) unless you have tried them first.
what a great way to introduce newbies like moi to all sorts of beauty brands. 

i'll let you know what i thought of my 'refresh and recover' box which contains:

Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium Balm

Lavera Hand Cream

Monu Recovery Balm

Cosmetofruit Drinkable Elixir

Teapigs Tummy Tonic Tea 

Actimint Probiotic Mints

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