Sunday, 29 April 2012

o-check design graphics

okay you got me. i'm an addict.
the problem is i just can't help it. i love it too much.

ahhh the smell of paper.
the crack of a fresh spine.

i'm a stationary fiend, a hoarder, a collector, a lover of all things ruled, squared and plain.

today i discovered o-check design graphics.
oh the delight, the glee, the urge to spend my whole paycheck on diaries and journals and notebooks.
 the use of french and generally poetic phrasing throughout the whole range makes me giddy, not to mention the fabric clad hardback covers. 
this collection belongs on show; on your bookshelf, your desk, clutched in your arms like a little french school girl.

so you see i just couldn't help it!

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