Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Dear loveliest lula readers,

Thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm and love over these past 8 years. Thank you for being happy for your car to break down on the motorway for 3 hours because you had lula time uninterrupted. Thank you for naming your daughter lula. Your dog Lula. Thank you for buying champagne or macaroons or having a bubble bath when you read a new issue (more of you do these things than you can possibly imagine!) Thank you for your letters and your drawings and your gifts. Thank you for approaching me (at the airport, on the airplane, on the street, at the check out counter, at a Joanna newsom concert…) to say hello. Thank you for enjoying it so much. Issue seventeen is my last. It’s time. Lula has been changing, as I have been changing, and I don’t want her to change too much! I want her to stay as she is. And me, i want to say goodbye now when it’s all going so amazingly well. When it’s joyful.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure. And I hope you will join me for my next one: Violet will launch spring 2014.

With love and so much thanks,

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